Backpack Vacuums

Backpack Vacuums

The back pack vacuum cleaners are almost completely commercial devices, we agree on it. However, it is not a reason to buy anything! And that falls well because, at Johnny Vac, we sell quality and professionalism.

Indeed, the brands we sell are the one in which we believe because of their qualities, but also by the equipment which comes with this type of the device. For example, the harness which owes to be comfortable and secure so that the worker can make his tasks in full peace of mind, and all equipment: 

Bags or without bags, HEPA filtration, brushes, hoses, accessories, filters, end cuffs, metal or plastic wands, casters, powerful motors, etc.

Same things for the tools which equip these vacuum cleaners: they must be successful, practical and adapted to the kind of work which you have to carry out.

To buy a dorsal vacuum cleaner is like buying a vacuum cleaner for the house. You have to inquire with a professional which has a recognized expertise, especially one having a sanitary division in his company as Johnny Vac.