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Wet & Dry Vacuums

Wet & Dry Vacuums

With a vacuum cleaner able to work as much as the wet and dry materials for the large scale cleaning of construction sites, workshops or renovations, now the maintenance of grounds becomes a child's play!

The most unique feature of the wet-dry vac is its versatility. It provides powerful suction which picks up nails, screws and other pieces of debris which would destroy other vacuums. It can also vacuum in a wet environment just as well as a dry one. The vacuum can be used to remove a fine layer of dust, or empty a basin of water. While wet-dry vacs come in many sizes, the most popular will have up to a 10-gallon capacity. This large capacity allows you to clean up a great many small messes, or one large one.To the question "do you have": Bags or without bags, HEPA filtration, brushes, hoses, accessories, filters, end cuffs, metal or plastic wands, casters, powerful motors, all the pieces you may need and more, the answer is YES!

Particularly designed for building work of all kinds, it is also the type of ideal device for craftsmen or handymen. When you face a major breaking, nothing replaces a vacuum cleaner which can face the water and the dust. Provided with filters HEPA to inhale the dangerous dry products of all kinds, these devices move on castors not to have to lift the heavy loads which represent liquids. Johnny Vac counts several types of dry and wet vacuum cleaners of whom the personal range of Johnny Vac, recognized for its reliability and its skill regarding vacuum cleaner for the big works.

The sizes of this type of device are variable. Indeed, there are vacuum cleaners of small sizes and very big. However, no matter the size, the function to pick up as much liquid, the dust, and even fragments,  makes these essential vacuum cleaners for whoever has to work with the eventuality to face the water or the dirt. Nobody can advise you better than Johnny Vac when comes the time to buy a vacuum cleaner which handles as well the dry fragments as the liquids.  And don't forget that we got it all: