Johnny Vac is getting a new look!

Dear client,

Johnny Vac has decided that it is time to rejuvenate its visual identity in 2023 in order to meet certain brand development objectives.

The new logo will bring with it a graphic structure that will allow an orderly and efficient deployment of the new image on all the visual applications and products that constitute our pride.

From its small beginnings, Johnny Vac has forged an important place in the heart of the Quebec economy as a specialist in vacuum cleaners, equipment and maintenance solutions. And the company continues to do everything in its power to satisfy you!

Johnny Vac is proud to be able to say thank you and hopes that the years to come will be filled with challenges and new and ever more efficient products. It's been over 40 years of success thanks to you, without whom it would never have been possible!

Looking forward to continue to satisfy you,