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Johnny Vac Clearance & Overstock Products

Here at Johnny Vac, we never leave anything at random. Whether it is our vacuum cleaners, our accessories, our repair department, as well as our customer service, everything is always made according to the book rules. A company as ours possesses a vast inventory of product of all kinds, what includes  a continuous rotation between the loads and the sales, and between the former and the new devices. As we are in a great period of growth, we decided to set up a clearance product section.


In this new department, you will find a vast line of products which made and still makes Johnny Vac's fame: industrial and residential vacuum cleaners as canisters, central, dorsal or stick vacuum; accessories of all kinds as brushes, equipment and parts. Note that the noun liquidation does not mean that the offered products are not of good quality; we never skimp on quality, never! But some items are offered in this section because they are simply no more in sync with our philosophy, and others are there because of some new arrivals. Moreover, we make a commitment to respect the guarantees registered on certain products during the sale.

The prices are excessively low, because our first purpose by setting up this section is to acquire enough space in our warehouses to be able to offer to our clients the best products at the best price. The time has come for you to realize savings while purchasing high-quality product!