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I guarantee you!
I guarantee you!

I guaranteed you!

At first, it is necessary to know that in Quebec, the law requires the storekeepers to respect three basic warranties which are: A: the warranty of use; B: the warranty of reasonable duration and C: the warranty against the latent defects. So, in the purchase of a vacuum cleaner, the first guarantee covers you that the vacuum cleaner can be used for which it is normally intended. A vacuum cleaner which has no suction will be automatically replaced. It’s the law. In the second part, the reasonable duration depends on the item that you bought. At first, it’s nature. For example, a mixer is much less used than a television set or than a vacuum cleaner. We thus expect that it will last much longer. Then, there is the price. If you buy a vacuum cleaner for $200, you cannot claim that it will last longer than a $1000 unit. Here, it is the big common sense which applies. Finally, the latent defects. Your vacuum cleaner has to be in accordance with the publicity and contain no defect knowledge of which you would not have been able to see, in spite of your caution.


These three basic warranties cover you when you purchase a vacuum cleaner for your house; on average, the manufacturers offer a guarantee of three years for a residential vacuum cleaner (central, canister or stick vacuum). However, if you buy a top of the line vacuum cleaner, the warranty can go till five years. But, because there’s a snag, you should take a few minutes and read the whole warranty, especially the small characters. This practice made the fortune of lawyers because it is there that is written in black and white what is covered and what is not it, and in which context applies the warranty. You would be surprised by discovering what is in this part of your guarantee.


For professionals in the sanitation business, their equipment must absolutely have a prolonged warranty. An entrepreneur who puts in the hands of his workers his devices that he paid a very high price, has to be able to protect his equipment because very often, he ignores if his employee uses his material adequately. Furthermore, the manufacturers offer only a limited warranty of two years on average. It is necessary to understand that in this domain, devices are used for long hours and not always in the best conditions.


Nobody wants trouble or conflict of all kinds, also the best warranty remains this one: buy a quality vacuum cleaner for your precise need that you have well determined in advance. With an adequate maintenance, this important purchase will give you some excellent services for a long time without having to worry about the warrantyI guaranteed you!

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