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For the love of my pet!
For the love of my pet!

We all liked our pets. Whether it is a dog, a cat or even a parakeet, these little amigos ask for our attention and for a good maintenance. A clean environment asks inevitably for a vacuum cleaner if you want to get rid of hairs left by your best friends. Obviously, if you are the happy owner of a St Bernard, a small handheld vacuum cleaner will not make it; if you have only a cat, well an industrial vacuum cleaner is not necessary either.


An animal with hairs who does not lose its hairs, it is simply impossible. And those who do not lose their hairs a lot have all the same a metamorphosis. So, let us clear a thing up: it will cost much cheaper to have a vacuum cleaner without bags that to have a vacuum cleaner who works with the bag when we have to pass the sweeper often. But we have to think of the manipulation which involves a vacuum cleaner without a bag. Indeed, to empty the dustbin in the trash can turn out to be an adventure, especially if you are dealing with allergies.


You will tell me that it is not appropriate to have a pet when we have allergies, but how many people, just for the love of their pet, pass over the discomfort of allergies? That is why we shall favor a vacuum cleaner provided with a bag. Besides the fact that to catch the dust and the hairs of animals, the handling is much simpler and more pleasant than to empty a dustbin with the little cloud of dust... Furthermore, someone suffering from allergies should not care about paying a higher price for good bags who filter perfectly the dust (we think here of HEPA kinds of bags), but why not a vacuum cleaner certified HEPA? It will be good for the person as well as for its pet. Because let us say it, we should vacuum ideally every day when you have a pet at home.


And what about brushes specifically designed for the hairs of animals? Here is a fashion of the vacuum cleaner industry of which has only the secret. Let us say it: a brush specifically developed for picking up some animals hairs, is nothing but a simple brush! It is more of a blow of marketing than something else. A real specialist in vacuum cleaner will suggest you get you a power nozzle of quality to be able to remove the possible maximum of hairs. And if your budget does not allow you, there are some very good turbo brushes, which will do the work. The important thing is that the broom which works on the floors of your house has to have a rotating brush. Always check the quality of your brush and if it is used(worn out), do not hesitate to buy a new one, because this brush is the best possible ally you may have in the battle against the animal hairs. I hope that this little advice will help you to live in a hair-free place with your favorite doggie.

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