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The JV400 inspiration
The JV400 inspiration

A few months ago, a client came to buy a JV400®. This man wasn't in sanitation industry, construction or in car wash business; he wanted a JV400® only for his home workshop, he said. JohnnyVac sellers try to propose him other vacuum cleaners much cheaper and big but also very efficient for a workshop. There was nothing to do he was here for a JV400® and nothing else.


The JV400 ® is a vacuum cleaner model that you would mostly see in Construction Company or in a car wash and in rental tools store. An industrial appliance that what it is! JohnnyVac has many industrial vacuum cleaner like the JV315®, JV420HDM®, etc. But let's get back to our client and his JV400®.


We asked the man what he was doing in is workshops. Woodworking? Repairs? Craft? But the man didn't want to talk much about. So, many weeks went by and we forgot the man. And one day, another client told us the story about his neighbor picking up his autumn leaves in his backyard with a big vacuum cleaner. He told us that he will take a picture of his neighbor and will stop by to show us that he's telling the truth.


And guess what? Who was the man picking dead leaves with a vacuum cleaner on the picture shown to us a few days later? It was the client who bought the JV400® for his workshop. At first, we were stunned by this crazy thing: using a vacuum cleaner for another use, but we come fast to think that it was not a bad idea, actually. Then we started to search for other things we can do with a vacuum cleaner, and as we have at JohnnyVac some experienced sellers and workers, here what we found:

1- You can use a canister vacuum cleaner like a JAZZ® or the JULIETTE® to help you to find little thing like earrings: simply put a nylon stocking on the edge of the wand and strap it with an elastic, then run it on the couch. You can also pick up some little toys.

2- Groom your cat or your dog. Some JohnnyVac vacuum cleaner like the PARKE® or the XV-10® has a potentiometer to low down the power of suction. So you can gently groom your best friend if he wants, of course!

3- Many people don't know that a vacuum cleaner can also become a blower with which you can blow a plastic pool for your kids; a mattress or anything! JohnnyVac RH20LW® vacuum cleaner has the integrated blower device. A great machine!


All these examples are there to say that we would never laugh at someone buying an industrial vacuum cleaner to pick up autumn leaves. A vacuum cleaner is a wonderful tool and it would be great to know all the things we could do with this essential device!



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