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Nobody's gonna touch my car (neither my vacuum cleaner!)
Nobody's gonna touch my car (neither my vacuum cleaner!)

Can we compare the purchase of a vacuum cleaner to the purchase of a car? The comparison can seem lame, but yes, both investments are similar. Let us forget the financial aspect and let us go directly to equipment and take a look at this comparison closer.

 At first, what type of vacuum cleaner or car we do wish to have? Because it is necessary to say it, with vacuum cleaners, when comes the time to choose one, it is like cars: there is a great deal of mark, a great deal of style (CANISTER, CENTRAL WET&DRY), a lot of colors, etc. We, at Johnny Vac, also have a vast choice of models and equipment (JAZZ, JULIETTE, XV10, and others) and our sellers always try to identify the customer's needs before proposing them a device. So, it is the necessity that will be our guide in this domain. Because we must say it, nowadays, you can offer yourselves an expensive car even if you do not have the money to afford it... For a vacuum cleaner, it is the same thing, except that it is much less blazing than when the times comes to kink of envy your brother-in-law with your car...

 So your needs will determine the price to pay. When we enter a car dealer, the amount which we are ready to pay is almost always known by us. However, the equipment remains to choose: manual or automatic transmission; disc brakes at four wheels, etc. For a vacuum cleaner, it is the same thing: a canister type (AS6), with batteries (JV222V), with or without the bag (EU3670G), a 2 in 1 carpet brush (BRW272BK), electric broom (PN11) or turbo-air (TK284), etc. All these questions must be seriously taken, because a vacuum cleaner, contrary to a car, will last you years and years, as far as you make the maintenance of our device.

 No car works without maintenance; it's the same for your vacuum cleaner. At first the bags: the goody bag for a good vacuum cleaner is as good as gasoline for the excellent motor. The bag often plays the role of the filter then to neglect to change it regularly; it is like never changing the oil in your car motor. And for God’s sake, avoid emptying the bag and putting it back, because a bag degrades due to its role as a filter. At Johnny Vac, we have a range of bags which we can qualify as generic. In the same way as a generic medicine; our bags, for example, are made in an identical way (and SOMETIMES BETTER!), like the bags of the large companies of the vacuum cleaner business as Hoover or Electrolux (12X25JV). Here is the right way to save up and to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is always performing. 

 In the end, your vacuum cleaner looks just like you and your car. If you wish to have this machine for a long time, you have to put in it a  little bit of you. Because just like a car has to be maintained to avoid any danger for you (but especially for the others), your vacuum cleaner will give you some great services if you keep it. But primarily, no need to pay a big price for a vacuum cleaner; it has to satisfy at first your needs and you, as a consumer, you have to know your needs.

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