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The 2018 summer will have been the most warmly that we knew. We are all called out when comes the question about the ecology. Yet what do we make concretely? In reality, all the small gestures matter. On this subject, occurs me to the fable of the hummingbird: 

The terrible fire raged and burned.

All of the animals were afraid and fled from their homes. 

The elephant and the tiger, the beaver and the bear all ran, and above them, the birds flew into a panic. They huddled at the edge of the forest and watched.

All of the creatures gathered, except one.


Only the little hummingbird, would not abandon the forest. He flew quickly to the stream. He picked up a single drop of water in her beak and flew back and dropped the water on the fire. Again he flew to the stream and brought back another drop, and so he continued back and forth, back and forth.

The other animals watched the hummingbird tiny body fly against the enormous fire, and they were frightened. They called out to the little hummingbird, warning him of the dangers of the smoke and the heat.

“What can I do?” sobbed the rabbit. “This fire is much too hot.”

“There is too much smoke!” howled the wolf.


“My wings will burn! My beak is too small!” cried the owl.

But the little hummingbird persisted. He flew to and fro, picking up more water and dropping it, bead by bead, onto the burning forest.


Finally, the Big Bear said, “Little hummingbird, what are you doing?”

Without stopping, he looked down at all of the animals. He said, “I am doing what I can.”


At Johnny Vac,we're also doing what we can. For example, the JV222V is provided with a reservoir without the bag, what avoids buying always bags, just like vacuum cleaners Parké or upright vacuum cleaner RH22. Speaking of bags, the number of bags which we sell is made of paper as 440H, 12X25JV, 395H and 3055H. And the paper, as we know, has a much lower ecological footprint that of the plastic, for example. Furthermore, we have done a modification on several packaging of our bags in passing of the traditional 3 bags by packaging in 5 bags by packaging, as this one: 111 NH for the industrial dorsal vacuum cleaner JVT1.

The cardboard box is also an added value at Johnny Vac. Indeed, we use an astronomical cardboard box quantity. So we set up a system which allows us to reuse for our own purposes cardboard boxes in good condition and we put the other boxes in the recycling. It is necessary to know that the company with which we deal for this recycling comes twice a week to make the change of container, a container of 60 rods!

We are also agents of several eco-certified cleaning products of which we are very proud like the Safeblend brand, recognized for its certified products Eco-logo. Even the packaging in which the Safeblend products are made from the recyclable material: ECO710G, a cleaner deodorant, or still the popular and very effective cleaner spot remover ECO200G. Johnny Vac is proud to distribute these quality products which are made, besides, here in Quebec.

Of course, it remains much more to make, and it is true not only in the vacuum cleaner industry but in all the aspects of the economic sphere. Furthermore, a domain as the vacuum cleaner saw its manufacturing relocating for Asia and transport of these goods towards North America is doubtless the biggest challenge that our economic sector has to face. And as it's the same for the great majority of industrial products: the small gesture matters. Because anyway, we shall not have the choice, one day, to make otherwise.



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