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It’s Spring Cleaning Time!
It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

The month of May brings us the desire to have everything clean around us.

Whether it is for your windows, patio furniture, car, curtains or whatever you want clean around you, the cleaning products that we choose are important.

Green products are a right choice. There is something for all types of work; windows and glass, wood, fabrics and even products to deodorize.

Handmade products are also handy for some projects. You can find several recipes on the internet with natural and ecological ingredients.

Washable and reusable microfiber rags are excellent for windows and smooth surfaces to avoid the overuse of paper towels.

There are also the webs from our friends the spiders that have stayed warm in our homes that can be cleaned up with a good vacuum cleaner with the appropriate extension tools – including dusting brushes and longer corner brushes suitable for heights. There are also tools that can be attached to the vacuum cleaner tube that are suitable for heavy or hard-to-move furniture; those can make your job easier and shorten your cleaning time. You will get rid of all this winter dust in a jiffy!

So, with a little motivation, good music, and the right tools, spring cleaning is done quickly and efficiently!

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