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Vacu-Sweep : a must !
Vacu-Sweep : a must !

The kitchen is the heart and the soul of a house. It is where that we prepare our foods, share it and it is at the table that we meet and that we celebrate. But it is also the place where we find most dirt on the ground, and by far. And as the necessity is the mother of all the needs, the idea of one automatic vacu-sweep made his way and we understand why.


According to the specialists of the vacuum cleaner industry, automatic vacu-sweep is one of the best inventions of the industry. Thanks to this equipment, we save from time and even some money, because the installation of this tool turns around a hundred dollars, the vacu-sweep included. Of course, it is necessary to possess a central vacuum cleaner, but beyond these considerations, the saving of time is so much more important that it would be stupid not to have this equipment.


The current fashion is in the retractable and flexible hose, and it is true that this accessory is a notable invention and a state-of-the-art equipment. However, when we think about the time which it takes to take out the hose, insert the wand and a brush, pick up cereal which the kids spilled down, then to make the same process the other way around, we realize that it asks a lot of time. With an automatic vacu-sweep, it is simply a question of taking the broom and sweep the dirt in the direction of the valve, open it with a little push and suck it up quite in a blink of an eye. And all of this without speaking about the cost of an installation of a retractable and flexible hose...


The installation of this tool in your kitchen is one of the biggest strengths of this equipment. Indeed, an automatic vacu-sweep slide in the decoration while he is found as high as the floor integrated straight from the molding between drawers and ground. And especially, his use never stretches a very long time. If ever you think about the purchase of a new house made in factories, the addition of this tool is undoubtedly an added value for a small amount of money.

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