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Johnny Vac Warranty Form

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JOHNNY VAC offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back on all of its products. The uniformity of the warranty is applicable to all Canadian JOHNNY VAC retailers, regardless of the origin of your purchase.

The warranties vary depending on the specificity of the item bought (domestic, commercial or industrial use).

  • Spare parts, bags, belts, hoses, brushes, etc.:

These items are covered by a 1-month warranty, from the delivery date or from the invoice’s purchasing date.

  • Vacuums cleaners, carpet washers, polishers and scrubbers:

These machines are covered by a 1 to 10-year warranty that varies upon the equipment type and its use. The warranty coverage is detailed on a form, included with the original packaging of the equipment bough. To see an example of this form, click the link below.

To report a defect or dissatisfaction, you must bring your item to the point of initial sale accompanied by the invoice and within a reasonable time. However, if you do not obtain satisfaction, contact JOHNNY VAC Customer Service at 1-800-361-2043, Ext 248 or email to get your return authorization number. Please note that no product will be accepted or processed without a return authorization number.

Rest assured the JOHNNY VAC Team will make every effort to ensure that your purchase is covered by our commitment of satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.