Johnny Vac and sustainability

The reality of
planned obsolescence

Marketing Team

Published on April 19, 2022

Since 2019, more than 3/4 of Canadians have thrown away or replaced a broken appliance due to a repairable problem. Today, there is a real acceleration of the cycle from acquisition to the abandonment of goods. This cycle has many impacts on the environmental, social and economic spheres. The real issue? Planned obsolescence


In 2018, Équiterre released its report on appliance and electronic obsolescence

It states that obsolescence is defined as the depreciation of a material or equipment before its physical wear and tear. We are talking about an object emanating from a planned stratagem by the manufacturers to reduce the life of the object.

Some facts and statistics from this report: 

  •   In 2016, 44.7 million tons of EEA waste was generated worldwide.

  • The most commonly purchased small appliances are the vacuum cleaner, coffee/espresso machine and toaster. 

  • According to the ADEME in France, only 44% of the appliances that break down are repaired.

According to the UN, just in 2019, 53.6 million metric tons were thrown away.

Johnny Vac's commitment

Johnny Vac is proud to allow its customers, and this for 40 years, to find the parts necessary for the repair of vacuum cleaners of all types.

Recognizing the importance of repairability versus buy-and-throw, Johnny Vac maintains a very large inventory of replacement parts for a variety of vacuum cleaner brands.

"At Johnny Vac, we have a large network of retailers who can help you with the maintenance or repair of your vacuum cleaner. Before getting rid of your vacuum cleaner, we invite you to contact one of our retailers near you. In many cases, a simple minor repair will get your machine back in operation", explains Alexandre Beaulac, President and CEO of Johnny Vac.

How to do your part against obsolescence

Get a product that offers replacement parts

When shopping for your next appliance, we recommend that you make sure that the manufacturer offers its customer replacement parts in case a part breaks. For example, Johnny Vac offers a range of commercial and residential vacuums where we have all the parts for the repair.

Maintain the equipment in the best possible way

To ensure the durability of your equipment, nothing is better than to maintain it. To know how to maintain your appliances, refer to the user's guide provided or contact the manufacturer directly. 

Find out about repairers in your area

All it takes is a quick search on the internet to find a repairer in your neighbourhood. It is also possible to practice self-repair through initiatives such as Mon Atelier.