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Discover what Johnny Vac is known for: high quality products at the best prices. Browse our best-selling products for businesses like yours.

For the Business

The Best
on the Market

Discover our broad selection
of self-scrubbers at
a competitive price

The Most Practical
Utility Carts

Equip yourself with
high-quality products to do
a high-quality job

For all your

Hundreds of janitorial products to discover

Robust and

Explore our selection
of over 20 Wet and
Dry Vacuums

For the House

Vacuum Cleaners
for all your Needs

Whether you are a pet owner,
have rugs, or want to clean your car,
we have the vacuum cleaner for you.

Central Vacuums
for all Types of Homes

Whether you want a central vacuum
for your home, condo or apartment,
we have what you need.

Safeblend, for the
Best Cleaning Results

Discover the Safeblend line of cleaning products,
perfect for all your household needs.

Wide Variety
of Vacuum
Cleaner Bags

With hundreds of vacuum
cleaner bags to choose
from, we are sure to have
the right one for you.

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At Johnny Vac, we believe that everyone deserves the best of the best. We keep this in mind when presenting our customers with the best janitorial products for their needs. Our mission is simple: to provide the best cleaning products to our customers at the best price.